Craft a clear message and deliver it with confidence


Leadership teams define the organisation’s strategic message


The message is cascaded across the organisation

Your Challenges

Companies suffer from a lack of clarity in their communications. The Message Company helps leaders craft and deliver clear, coherent messages that are relevant to all stakeholders, thanks to our unique Message Management method.


Audiences are increasingly skeptical of corporate messages, which are often too complex, conceptual, and lacking in proof points. Business leaders need to resist the urge to communicate too many complex messages at once, but make careful editorial choices, to deliver convincing messages with absolute clarity for all audiences.


Founded by journalists, The Message Company has trained 6,200 business leaders of every kind of company, including multinationals like Schneider Electric, Ferrero, L’Oréal, Oracle and Sodexo. We help them craft simple yet powerful messages that lead to tangible business benefits and improved reputations.


Our Message Management Method uses journalistic storytelling techniques, because stories are the most efficient way to deliver information. We help business leaders make editorial choices, and frame their messages - for speeches, presentations, or interviews in the most clear and convincing way.

What We Do

Public speaking: Craft a clear message and deliver it with confidence

Effective personal communication skills are critical for business leaders in an increasingly complex environment. Our journalists help leaders succeed in all public speaking situations, from presentations in front of an audience, to messages recorded on video and shared on social networking sites. The result is a clear and powerful message, delivered with confidence and authority.

Strategic Messaging: Leadership teams craft a strategic message

Sessions are run by our team of experienced journalists and communications consultants. They help leaders make essential editorial choices in line with their business objectives. The first step is to craft a Core Message. This provides a structure that allows complex information to be expressed with clarity and precision, in an attractive and engaging narrative.

Messaging Workshops: The message is cascaded across the organisation

The message is shared with managers and business teams, who contribute their own experience, knowledge and objectives to take ownership of the message. They are then ready to tell their own stories, in line with the organisation’s strategic message. Workshops, which we have conducted in France, the UK, the US and in Asia, can take place in person or by video link.

Master Narrative: A comprehensive narrative reinforces the message

The Master Narrative is an extensive storyline that centralizes all the information gathered from messaging sessions, workshops, and client and consumer cases studies, highlighting the company’s excellence and key differentiators. The Master Narrative can be shared on a global digital platform with the marketing/communication teams, giving a logical framework for ongoing communications projects.

Editorial: Quality editorial content that gives you a competitive advantage

Compelling client stories: A client’s voice is a powerful proof point, highlighting the benefits they enjoy from your products and services. These stories can be presented in any format: print, online, video

Content for social networks: Employees have access to a wide range of digital platforms, such as Facebook Live, LinkedIn Pulse, and blogging sites such as Medium, giving them the power to strengthen a company’s reputation. Our network of Native English-speaking journalists can help them create clear, articulate posts that fit with their legitimacy, experience and expertise.

EFFICIENT VISUAL PRESENTATIONS: For keynote speeches, strategic presentations, and videoconferences, we can help you to craft an efficient slide deck with a clear synopsis, impactful illustrations and a concrete action plan.

Convincing presentations for tenders: Grab your audience’s attention with a simple and precise proposal that demonstrates your understanding of clients’ challenges, how you respond to them, and what makes you unique.

Crystal clear white papers: Your vision on complex issues is unique and should be read by a wide audience. Our journalists make your white paper clear, inspiring and interesting.

Meet Our Team

The Message Company has an international network of more than 40 journalists who are trained and experienced in coaching our unique Message Management method.




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